Annual K-12 Honors Competition

05/07/2022, 9:00 am - 3:00 pm

Colorado Academy
3800 S Pierce St
Denver, CO 80235

The 2021 K-12 Honors Competition will take place at Colorado Academy on Saturday, May 7, 2022. The competition is open to all students Kindergarten – 12th Grade. Students, with the help of their teachers, may self select the category in which each participant chooses to compete. Please choose the category most appropriate to your level at the time of the competition. Accompaniment will be provided by the CFA on the day of the competition.

Students may also choose to compete in chamber groups. Repertoire may be selected by each group. One student in each group must have a current CFA student membership. Please follow this link to complete the group registration portion. Chamber Group Registration Form

Competition Fee: $15
Student Membership: $20

All participants must have a current 2021-2022 CFA Membership. Registration closes Wednesday, May 4, at 11:59pm.


Kinder: Engraved Medal
Beginner: 1st – $25, 2nd – $20, 3rd $15
Intermediate: 1st – $50, 2nd – $40, 3rd – $30
Advanced: 1st – $100, 2nd – $60, 3rd – $40
Pre-Collegiate: 1st – $125, 2nd – $100, 3rd – $75


Suzuki Book 1 – Lightly Row

Essential Elements – Au Clarie de La Lune



Paul Harris – Hazelnote Crunch (from Overtones Book 2)

Ode to Joy 



Hasse – Tambourin from the opera Piramo e Tisbe

Tailleferre – Forlane 



Chaminade – Sérénade Aux Étoiles, Op. 142

Ivana Loudova, ed Louis Moyse – Suite for Flute, I. Adagio



Laurel Zucker – Lookout

Grieg – Violin Sonata in F Major, Movement 1, trans. Kaleb Chesnic 

Mr. Chesnic has graciously agreed to provide music for those that register for this category. 

2022 K-12 Honors Competition Registration